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Floral DNA Structure

Epigenetics Coaching

Single 1:1 Coaching Session to learn how to regulate your gene function

This Service is for you when:


 Do you want to learn how to regulate your genes' activity?

ꕥ Do you want a change in your life but don't know where to start?

ꕥ Do you feel anxious a lot?

ꕥ Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

ꕥ Do you want to learn how to stay healthy?

ꕥ Do you feel like that there's more to life?


 Do you feel sluggish / without energy?

 Do you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through?

ꕥ Do you feel tired upon waking?

ꕥ Do you nap a lot?

 ꕥ Do you want to loose stubborn weight?

ꕥ Are your hormones imbalanced?

ꕥ Do you have digestive issues?

ꕥ Are you having skin problems?

ꕥ Do you have to deal with inflammation of any kind?

What's included?

Herbal Treatment

What does an
Epigenetics Coach do?

As an Epigenetics Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner, I'll guide you through the program by applying the following disciplines:


ꕥ Ayurveda

ꕥ Bioregulatory Medicine

ꕥ Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbalism

ꕥ Eastern Philosophy

ꕥ Traditional Naturopathy

ꕥ Orthomolecular Medicine

ꕥ Functional Medicine

I'll teach you how to regulate your genes' activity, read the signs of your body and free your body from dis-ease.


After the Coaching Session, you will:


ꕥ Have a basic understanding of Epigenetics

ꕥ Have more energy

 Feel balanced and yourself again

ꕥ Feel motivated to achieve your wellness goal

ꕥ Feel a lot less stressed 

ꕥ Change your perception

 ꕥ Have a clearer mind

ꕥ Know what your body needs in order to function best

ꕥ Understand how to support your body (and mind) throughout everyday life

... and much more!

Book a Free Discovery Call

Not sure if this program is for you?

Do you have questions regarding the program that you want to be answered before you book the program? 

Totally understandable!

Just book your 15-minute Free Discovery Call now and we'll find out if it's a match!

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