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Stretching on a Cliff

Create the Life You Deserve

12-week Program to unlock your most powerful and authentic YOU. Instead of letting your mind wander, you'll learn how to wander with your heart. Time to thrive!

This Program is for you when:


 Do you feel that there is more to life?

ꕥ Do you feel restless or lost?

 ꕥ Are you worrying a lot about the future?

ꕥ Are you looking for fulfillment but don't know where to start?

ꕥ Do you feel that you haven't reached your full potential?

ꕥ Do you want to figure out your purpose but don't know how ?

ꕥ Do you feel like you deserve more in life?

ꕥ Do you want to upgrade your happiness?


 Do you feel unmotivated?

ꕥ Are you having a hard time getting up?

ꕥ Do you have brain fog / no energy?

 ꕥ Do you easily get stressed, especially at work?

ꕥ Are you always looking forward to something (vacation, career goals, etc.) instead of living in the now?

ꕥ Do you loose interest quickly?

ꕥ Do you feel jealous when you see someone living their best life?


What is

"Heart Wandering" is a technique, coined by the founder of the Institute. It means that - instead of letting your mind wander - let your heart wander instead and see to which places, internally as well as externally - it takes you. The technique combines scientific knowledge, ancient wisdom and omnipresent spirituality in order for you to align with your heart's calling / purpose.

Being a Heart Wanderer means that you live your life following your intuition and the small voice inside of you. It means, you are committed to follow the call of your heart and therefore create the best life you could ever dream of.

Program Design

Session 1

It's All About You

We focus on you. Your story, your expectations, your wishes. Together, we create a roadmap for the next 12 weeks. Additionally, we set goals which you want to achieve during the program and introduce your individual action plan.

Session 4

Energy Assessment & Creation

We assess your current energy levels and how we could improve them in order for you to have more motivation & energy to create a life you can't wait to wake up to. Additionally, you'll learn tools & techniques that help you create and maintain your new energy levels.

Session 2

Visualize Your Dream Life (See it & Feel it)

Together we identify what it takes for you to fall in love with life in every area of it. We create a vision board together and introduce you to the method of visualization and the science behind it - there is a reason why it actually works!

Session 5

Time to Manifest, baby! (Achieve it)

Having now the basics for creating your dream  it is time to dive deeper into the connection between science and spirituality. You'll learn how to surrender and give up control in order to be in the guided flow of the universe.

Session 3

Time to Dig Deep (Believe it)

We enter your subconscious mind and identify all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life. As a second step, you will create new beliefs that will form the new basis of your subconsciousness. Additionally, you'll get shown techniques that help you to implement your new beliefs into everyday life.

Session 6

Habits for Sustainable Success

In this last session, you'll learn which habits are essential in order to be and stay successful and how to built them. We identify and create a new action plan that you now know how to realise by yourself.

What's included?

After the 12-week program, you will:

Happy Bride

 Love your life

ꕥ Have a direction in life

ꕥ Know tools & techniques that help you create your dream life

 ꕥ Not worry about past or future events anymore

ꕥ Trust in yourself and trust that you are being guided

ꕥ Know tools & techniques that help you to relax

ꕥ Be closer to your purpose

ꕥ Feel aligned to your calling

ꕥ Run a new set of beliefs

... and much more!

Book a Free Discovery Call

Not sure if this program is for you?

Do you have questions regarding the program that you want to be answered before you book the program? 

Totally understandable!

Just book your 15-minute Free Discovery Call now and we'll find out if it's a match!

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