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Destress Your Genes

Beginner Program to realign your Autonomic Nervous System in order to destress your genes, build stress resilience and get back into balance.

This Program is for you when:


 Do you feel stressed a lot?

ꕥ Do you feel anxious a lot?

 ꕥ Are you worrying a lot about the future?

ꕥ Are you reliving past events?

ꕥ Do you feel like you never stop?

ꕥ Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

ꕥ Do you almost feel burnt-out?

ꕥ Do you crave relaxation & rest?


 Do you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through?

ꕥ Do you feel tired upon waking?

ꕥ Do you have brain fog?

 ꕥ Do you have nervous ticks like biting nails or shaking legs?

ꕥ Do you want to have more energy?

ꕥ Is your body always alert and "ready to go"?

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What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

Our Autonomic Nervous System is part of our overall nervous system and contains of nerves that run through our body, responsible for the control of unconscious - "automatic" - processes like heart rate regulation, breathing or digestion.

It can be broken down into two divisions: The Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for the "fight-or flight" response) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (responsible for the "Rest and Relax" mode).


Through external as well as internal stressors, most of us live in a permanent state, in which the SNS is activated, resulting in: stress, anxiety and chronic diseases. It is therefore crucial to realign the ANS into a balanced, healthy and relaxed state.

Program Design

Session 1

It's All About You

We focus on you. Your story, your expectations, your wishes. Together, we create a roadmap for the next 3 sessions. Additionally, we assess the existing stress in every area of your life and what the stressors are in particular. Afterwards we create an individual stress management plan that is easy to implement into your everyday life.

Session 2

Time to Dig Deep

We enter your subconscious mind and identify all the limiting beliefs that contribute to the stress in your life. As a second step, you will create new beliefs that help you to activate the PNS. Additionally, you'll get shown techniques that help you to implement your new beliefs into everyday life.

Session 3

Learning Tools & Techniques 

You'll learn different tools, techniques and scientific-proven methods that destress your genes while simultaneously focusing on bringing your Autonomic Nervous System back into balance, leading to a healthier and happier YOU. 

What's included?

After the 3-week program, you will:

Balancing Rocks

 Feel balanced and yourself again

ꕥ Feel a lot less stressed in general

ꕥ Know tools & techniques that help you reduce anxiety in everyday life

 ꕥ Not worry about past or future events anymore

ꕥ Trust in yourself and trust that you are being guided

ꕥ Know tools & techniques that help you to relax

ꕥ Have a lot more stress resilience

ꕥ Know how to take care of yourself #selfcare

ꕥ Understand what stress does to your body and how to induce the relaxation response

... and much more!

Book a Free Discovery Call

Not sure if this program is for you?

Do you have questions regarding the program that you want to be answered before you book the program? 

Totally understandable!

Just book your 15-minute Free Discovery Call now and we'll find out if it's a match!

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