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Did you always wonder what stress is and how it gets created in your body? Are you looking for practical tools & techniques that help you to feel more balanced in everyday life while reducing stress? 


Look no further: This e-book offers holistic tools & techniques of how to reduce stress in everyday life and create a life full of balance and resilience. It dives deep into the origin of stress in our body and explains why it is so important to change our perspectives when it comes to stress. 


Being designed as a workbook, this e-book offers practical tools that you can try out for yourself and easily implement them into your life. 


Destress your life and start your journey to your happiest and healthiest YOU!



1. What is stress

2. How stress affects the body

3. The HeartWanderers Stress Formular

     3a. Define your goals

     3b. Identify Stressors

     3c. Reduce stress

     3d. Build resilience

4. About the Institute

From Stress to Serenity - A Workbook

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