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Become the

Master of Your Genes

Learn how to regulate your genetic activity and create a long and happy life full of radiant health.

Scientifically proven. Internationally certified. Purposely designed.


What is  Epigenetics?

Watch this TEDx talk that Larissa spoke at in March 2024 to get a first understanding of the intriguing science of Epigenetics and its chances for our health and happiness.

Hi, my name is Larissa - Australia's first Epigenetics Health Revolutionist!

Being internationally certified as Epigenetics Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP), I help you in making the jump from "There has to be more in life" to "I am in love with life". With further international certifications in Holistic Counselling, Autonomic Nervous System Realignment and Meditation Teaching, I guide your health and well-being to another level in order for you to get well, reconnect with your most authentic self and live the life you deserve.

Currently, I'm traveling around Australia, speaking at events & wellness retreats while teaching people how to regulate their genes and become the master of their genetic destiny and consequently life.


Become  happier & healthier than ever before - including body, mind and spirit!

We offer Holistic Well-ness Programs that are designed to teach you how to regulate your genes' activity. In only a few weeks, you'll learn how to free your body from dis-ease, bring your body & mind back into balance and create a life you can't wait to wake up to.

Why choose  us?

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All the services we offer are science-backed, which means that every tool, training and method we use is scientifically proven to work. Our claim on ourselves is it to always update and include recent scientific findings in our work. 


No hocus-pocus, just true facts!


Internationally certified

We are certified not only in Australia, but also internationally. Our knowledge, gained through different accredited institutions, is based on international research.

We also offer our services in multiple languages (English, German, Italian).


Authentic & Empathic

Coming from a completely different background career wise and having had the courage to follow the small voice inside of us to step into our true purpose, we authentically live what we preach. We can identify with how you feel and what you are going through - because we have been there, too.


E-books & Downloads

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Get to know  us first!

Book your free 15-minute Discovery call with us today and see if it is a match. While getting to know each other, we can identify together which program suits you best. Of course, there is also plenty of room for your questions. Don't wait any longer - your happiest & healthiest YOU is calling!

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This could be you

"I always felt tired upon waking, without energy throughout the day and kind of lost. Through a combination of the Holistic Health Session as well as a counseling session, I finally feel myself again. Thank you so much for all the input und knowledge you gave me".

Lisa, 34

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