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The Institute


Why the name?

"Heart Wandering" is an expression, imprinted by the founder of the Institute. It means that - instead of letting your mind wander - rather let your heart wander and see to which places, internally as well as externally - it takes you. 

Being a Heart Wanderer means that you want to live your life following you intuition and the small voice inside of you.

Our mission

Our mission at the HeartWanderers Institute is to help and support people in (re-) connecting to theirselves by providing tools, holistic health services and approaches that focus on the unity of body, mind and spirit.

The HeartWanderers Institute's vision is to actively and positively contribute to a world in which people can thrive and live to their fullest potential while happily existing side by side with others and nature.

Our vision

Meet The Founder

Hello, my name is Larissa!

Being born and raised in Germany, I made the decision to follow my dream (or better said my heart) and moved to Australia in 2022. After having spent almost 30 years of my life trying to live by society's standards and rules, I decided it is time to listen to that small voice inside of me and break out of the conventional "9-5" / "live to work" lifestyle. Always looking for my purpose and the reason why I was put on earth, I finally discovered it when 100% following my heart: Helping people to reconnect to themselves in order to enable them to find their purpose or personal fulfillment and therefore sustainable happiness. Being connected and spiritual myself, I knew that in order to connect to yourself and become your best version, you need to be open for change and new insights, which spirituality often brings with it. BUT: I did not only want to include mind and spirit into my profession, but also science and therefore the body. It was important to me to create something that combines spirituality and science (biology, neuroscience, epigenetics and many more). And so, the HeartWanderers Institute was born. Providing a platform on which services and approaches get offered that focus on the unity of body, mind and soul to help people reconnect and live their life to the fullest, fulfills me with joy and gratitude. Welcome at the HeartWanderers - welcome to the first step into a happier and healthier life!

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Let’s Work Together

We are always looking for extraordinary cooperation partners who can identify with the HeartWanderers mission and vision. 

If you feel that you're a good fit - get in touch with us!

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