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The Science of Epigenetics

We've all heard and said things like "I can't do anything about xy, it's in my genes" or "Disease xy runs in my family so I'll probably get it". What if this simply is not true? What if your genetic destiny is not predefined? And what if you are the master of your genes? 

The science of so-called epigenetics (meaning above the genes) now proves that you are not a "victim" of the set of genes that were given to you at birth. YOU are the creator of your genetic outcome. 

Epigenetic Fact 1

The concept of epigenetics refers to the influence of our environment, thoughts, and beliefs on the expression of our genes. Through certain signals from our thoughts and perceptions, genes are getting expressed (activated) or not. 

Since we can control our environment, our thoughts and the way we perceive our reality, we can control our gene expression.

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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

Epigenetic Fact 2

Signals from the environment control if a gene gets activated or not. These signals can stem from the following areas:

- Our bodies inner chemistry, produced through thoughts and emotions

- What our body is made of (which comes down to our diet)

- The relationships (with ourselves and other people) we're in

- Beliefs, values and convictions we have about reality

- The outer environment we live in 

Epigenetic Fact 3

Aggravating and maintaining positive beliefs can lead to healthier cellular functioning and overall health. It not only creates a cellular environment in which cells can thrive, but also supports mental health and overall happiness.

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Love Yourself
Love Yourself

Epigenetic Fact 4

Our subconscious mind, which is in control of our thoughts, actions and beliefs in 95% of the day, plays a crucial role in shaping our beliefs and behaviors. By the young age of only 7 years, our "set of beliefs" and how we perceive the world, is already made up. 

Different tools and techniques help in reprogramming the subconscious mind in order for us to to overcome limiting beliefs and creating positive change - not only in our external life, but also in our genes.

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